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Chocola Aikawa
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"Come to my shop, all of your wish will be fulfilled. As a payment, the most precious thing in your life will be taken..."

Chocola Aikawa (哀川 ショコラ, Aikawa Shokora) is the main character of the anime and manga Chocolate Magic (ショコラの魔法, Shokora no mahou) by Rino Mizuho.



Aikawa Chocola (Aikawa Shokora), is a chocolatier and the owner of Chocolat Noir, which lies beyond the forests. Chocola tends to sound evil everytime she appears, but she might be the most kind-hearted chocolatier that ever existed in the whole earth, as she only takes things that won't be bothering the customer very much, and she knew that she doesn't make the wrong choice. Cacao always says that other chocolatier witches are not as kind as her, they're more as evil as Blanche.

Despites her emotions, Chocola always have a serious-smiling face on her. But whenever it comes to Chocola & Cacao part, Chocola shows a tsundere side of her, which she shows that she always keeps a feelings toward Cacao throughout the manga. She blushes everytime Kakao saves her or say that she is more important than anything now. As they continued to live together, their relationship increased even more.

Chocola were always praised by her customers about her beautiful appearance that looks like a doll, a fashion designer customer happens to be very addicted to her and wants her to be her model so badly, she have been giving Chocola new dresses everytime a new design were created as a token of appreciation for helping her. Chocola has a straight-long dark purple hair with the hime-cut model and a pair of beautiful blue eyes. She always wear gothic loli-styled clothes.


Chocola has the evil witch type personality, when a customer comes to her shop with a wish, she will say "As payment, I'll take the most important thing in your life..." which appears to always bother the customers. Chocola also has the tendencity of saying "..fall into the darkness beyond" as she releases her power to stop the calamities that happen. She always have a serious look on her face, but have quite a tsundere personality towards Cacao whenever he tends to tease her or touch her. 


Early LifeEdit

While Chocolat's father, Aikawa Shuga, enjoy his victory as the best chocolate baker in Kanto, his rival, Shidou, was jealous of him because Shuga said  it's a piece of cake that he won the Kanto Chocolate competition. So in order to drop him down, Shidou sabotaged and burned Shuga's shop.

Then Chocola's father started to become strange and summoned Cacao from the darkness in to give him the power to make the best chocolate in the whole world. Cacao accepted his request but in order to give him the power, Shuga needs to sacrifice someone. And suddenly an idea came to Shuga's mind, Chocola can be the sacrifice. So Shuga started finding Chocola and successed after Chocola's carelessness for dropping a vase to the ground. And so Shuga brought Chocola to Cacao, but Shuga died due to Chocola's love to him as a daughter.

Anyhow, Cacao will still take Chocola's soul for sacrifice because of summoning him. But Chocola changed her mind and chose to continue her father's wish to make the best chocolate in the world. Then Cacao said he will give her the ability to do it, but he will take her soul after she made the best chocolate in th world. Since then, Chocola became the dark chocolatier of Chocolat Noir.

1:- Almond Kiss

2:- Bitter Sweet

3:- Creamy Sugar

4:- Dark Spice

5:- Evil Essence

6:- Fruity Flavor

7:- Guilty Crunch

8:- Honey Blood

9:- Ice Shadows

10:- Jewel Syrup

11:- Knocking Egg


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