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This page is about the chocolates that appears in each manga. If you want to look for the chocolates that appears in the manga/anime, please navigate this article.

Opera Gateau: Singer Temptation Edit

Truffle Edit

  • Ate by: Abe Maria
  • Shape: Messy/round
  • Wish type: Voice, sing

Opera Gateau Edit

  • Ate by: Nakasu Aya
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Wish type: Voice, sing

Stick Chocolate: The Determination Edit

Stick Chocolate Edit

  • Ate by: Kajiwara Mayu
  • Shape: Ice-cream Stick
  • Wish type: Decision

Seal Chocolate Edit

  • Ate by: Hanazawa Rumi
  • Shape: Round
  • Wish type: Hiding secrets

Chocolate Fondant: Smoldering Sadness Edit

Chocolate Fondant Edit

  • Ate by: Fujita Maki
  • Shape: Round
  • Wish type: To take revenge

Caramel Praline: Chain of Love Edit

Swap Chocolate Edit

  • Ate by: Kuramoto Sara
  • Shape: Ribbon shaped
  • Wish type: To gain strength

Caramel Praline Edit

  • Ate by: Shinakawa
  • Shape: Heart
  • Wish type: To make someone love you

Framboise: Beauty Sin Edit

Champagne Truffle Edit

Framboise Edit

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