Red Cherry Chocolate: Available Memory Edit

Red Cherry Chocolate

  • Eaten by: Shidou Ryuzan
  • Type: Chocolate covered cherries
  • Reason: Chocola tricked him into eating it.
  • Effects: He lost his sense of taste

Chocolate Macaroon: Time Stops Edit


  • Eaten by: Hanabusa Ayame
  • Type: Macaroon
  • Reason: To turn back time
  • Effects: Lost everyone's trust


  • Eaten by: Miki
  • Type: Eclair
  • Reason: To be able to see the future
  • Effects: Able to see the future

Pave: Black Scales Edit


  • Eaten by: Dr. Ishida
  • Type: Thin squares
  • Reason: Was tricked by Miki
  • Effects: Get crushed by the pavement

Tartlet: Silent Rain Edit


  • Eaten by: Makoto Kobashi

Hollow Chocolate: Unbreakable Egg Edit

Hollow Chocolate

  • Eaten by: Sekiguchi Momoko

Mocha Chocolate

  • Eaten by: Tachibana Tsukasa

Apple Grasset

  • Eaten by: Yoshizumi

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