Chocolate Fig: Unfair Victory Edit

Chocolate Fig

  • Eaten by: Ijuuin Saori
  • Type: Chocolate covered fig
  • Reason: To become undefeatable
  • Effects: Lost her athletic abilities

Rum Ball

  • Eaten by: Sasaki Mana
  • Type: Chocolate balls
  • Reason: To play fairly
  • Effects: Play without cheating

Frozen Cake: The Softness of Snow Edit

Frozen Cake

  • Eaten by: Himuro Glace
  • Type: Chocolate Cream Cheese Frozen Cake
  • Reason: To reminisce about the past
  • Effects: Understand each other

Cacao Nib: Bitter Distance Edit

Gingerbread man Cookies

  • Eaten by: Usami Arisu
  • Type: Gingerbread cookies
  • Reason: To work and to spend time with her boyfriend at the same time
  • Effects: Creates a clone, doesn't have the clone's acting abilities

Cacao Nib

  • Eaten by: Yabuta
  • Type: Gingerbread man covered in cacao nib
  • Reason: To be great at acting
  • Effect: Lost her youth

Cinnamon: The Truth Behind Blanche Edit

Amber Drops

  • Eaten by: Aki & Furukawa Hinano
  • Type: Gold candies containing chocolate bees
  • Reason: To be skinny
  • Effect: Eat as much as possible, yet still don't gain weight as the bees in their body consume their nutrients. The bees will burrow out of their bodies once they have grown.


  • Eaten by: Aki
  • Type: Cinnamon spice
  • Reason: To prevent the bees from burrowing out of her body
  • Effect: Beehive patterns appeared on her stomach, making her have odd skin