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Kawashima Ritsu
Character profile
Name Kawashima Ritsu
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Unknown
Location School
Occupation Student
Status Alive

About Edit

Kawashima Ritsu, voiced by Fujimura Ayumu/Fujimura Ayumi ( 藤村 歩 Fujimura Ayumu/Ayumi) is an active character. She has blue hair color, but at evening it turn to light brown. She is bad to Miyatani Shion, as she is a pianist.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit


Plot Edit

Early Life Edit

Please click this page to watch on Youtube. Click the (Chocolate Magic: Anime) [ Chocolate Magic: Anime ] to watch. If you can't, please try again, or click to my page and get the link.

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