Hey guys! Another blog post that is pretty dumb:

If you had the chance to suggest names for the book, what will it be?


[O] Oreo Chips

[P] Pudding Magic

[Q] Queen Cream

[R] Raspberry Dessert

[S] Sunny Juice

[T] Tangerine Time

[U] Umbrella Pipes

[V] Vanilla Icing

[W] Waffle Party

[X] Xylophone Bread

[Y] Yummy Candy

[Z] Zapple Tart/Zefir Puree (search Zefir (food))

And if I'm making it from the start, I'd like :-

[A] Amber Whip

[B] Butter Topping

[C] Coconut Flavor

[D] Dark Cinnamon

[E] Elder's Recipe

[F] Fun Coco

[G] Gelatin Rush

[H] Hansel's Blood

[I] Icy Belt

[J] Jelly Drops

[K] Kettle Corn

[L] Lantern Puff

[M] Manju Mist

[N] Neko Nuts

There. You can list yours. Just that you can't copy anybody nor me.

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